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The idea of being able to take something I am so passionate about and build it into my work was both exciting and thrilling. I feel that our society today, especially our health care system, is in need of being completely restructured and this has given me the chance to help in doing that. I am finishing my certification through the Integrative Institute of Nutrition where I have had the opportunity to learn and expand my knowledge in ways that I could not have imagined, and have been able to continue to learn and grow as a person at the same time. Learn More»

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"I began to call Jessica my “life coach” because our sessions touched on all aspects of my life. Our sessions were a breakthrough for me. I had been going through a difficult time and our talks and concrete lessons helped me make changes that I didn’t think I was capable of at the time. Our sessions are unlike anything I could have done on my own at the gym and with a recipe book. Her sessions help connect the dots so that I could see clearly what my issues were and why I was not having success on my own..."

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